Hello beloveds!

Guess what? It's Friday the 13th, and, coincidentally, it's also my birthday! 🎉 I convinced my son to watch a horror movie with me today (PG 12 years, of course). He only lasted 15 minutes because he thought it wasn't scary enough. Kids, right?

Anyway, that movie got me thinking about ghosts and being haunted. So, I thought I'd share some thoughts with you.

So, what exactly is a ghost? Well, it's like this shadowy or translucent spirit of someone who's passed away and is said to hang around in our world. People often connect ghosts to the paranormal, and they show up in all sorts of legends and supernatural tales. Belief in ghosts varies a lot depending on where you are and what you've grown up with.

Now, let's chat about the link between ghosts and grief. In stories and such, ghosts are sometimes used as symbols for unresolved emotions and unfinished business tied to grief. But remember, to some folks, they genuinely believe they've encountered ghosts, and that's okay. Some believe they're more in tune with the spiritual side of things.

Here's how these two ideas connect:

1. Unresolved Emotions: Ghosts often can't move on because of lingering feelings or past traumas. This reflects how grief can stick around when we don't fully cope with the loss of someone we love.

2. Haunting Memories: Grief can be a bit like a ghost, hanging around in your life. You can still feel emotionally connected to someone even after they're gone.

3. The Inability to Let Go: Just as a ghost can't move on, grief can make it tough to detach from the person we've lost.

4. Closure: In stories, ghosts finding peace often means resolving what's keeping them tethered to the living. Similarly, finding closure and accepting a loss is part of dealing with grief.

Keep in mind that these connections are symbolic.  Grief is a deeply personal experience, and people use different symbols and metaphors to handle the emotions tied to loss.

I've got a personal ghost story to share too. When I lost my mom a few years back, we were super close. Her death hit me hard. I started dreaming about her every day and even began to act and sound like her. It was like she was still with me. But her presence held me back; I couldn't move forward. It wasn't until I asked for help from the angels to guide her to the afterlife that I finally started feeling better.

Grief can be overwhelming and affect various aspects of your life. If you find yourself in a similar situation, seeking help from a mental health professional or doing a letting-go ritual can make a big difference.

Remember, acknowledging your loss and seeking support is crucial. If you don't, it can fester in your heart and even open the door to darker emotions. Grief is powerful, and there are demons that feed on it, potentially making things much worse.

I hope some of this hits home with you. So, the next time someone mentions you're haunted by a ghost, remember it might be a sign of your grief holding you back spiritually or a loved one's unfinished business waiting for resolution. Take care, everyone! 😊

Sending infinite light!

Gogo Ntombiyamanzi 


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